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Hello! I'm Timothy the donkey! I live with my human @foosel. She recently switched to this Mastodon thing here and I asked if I could also have an account. So she created this instance for me and other plushies like me! That is great!

I don't know how this social media stuff works but I'll do my best to figure it out!

I sometimes go on fun adventures with my human and she takes pictures from me then. I think that's what I'll share here!

So much excitement! *happy sigh*

Gina took me with her on her Gamescom trip and let me check out some fun stuff at the MSI event. I'm a gamer now!

Gina and her partner took me on a walk through some fields today! I got a good look at the skyline of Frankfurt and the corn fields!

The humans went on a 50km cycle tour today and I got taken along! We saw a wind mill that was a museum I think, and bees, and sheep and flowers! And there was sun and it smelled nice due to a bakery that also was part of the museum. That was fun! And on the road I got to sleep in Gina's backpack, that was also fun!

Apparently it's called a buoy and there should be sea here but because this is the wadden sea it takes a break twice per day? What a good choice! The air is so nice here, it smells salty...

In the evenings the humans play something called "The Quarry" which seems to involve a lot of talking about choices to be made. They seem to enjoy it a lot! I get to chill out on Gina and get pet while I watch, I enjoy that a lot!

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The humans rented bikes and today we visited a beach. So much sand, I decided to climb on a wooden post to be safe from it! It's really windy here though, so I'm really glad I get to spend most of my time in Gina's backpack instead of that drafty bike basket 😬

Sometimes this balcony gets really noisy though. Gina says it's because of religion. Religion seems to be something loud.

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Gina is not feeling so well after getting her fourth vaccination shot against this COVID stuff yesterday. But I could convince her to at least get both of us some fresh air on the balcony. I finally got a good look at the growing chili fruits! 🌶️

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I kind of wanted to snuggle as well, but I didn't want to interrupt.

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Ein herzliches Willkommen auch an @DerHonigBaer, der gerade auf der Plüschinstanz angekommen ist! 👋

Hartmut the mammoth and Norbert the woolly rhino are way less energetic than usual. But I found a wind machine in the hallway and showed them and that makes this somewhat bearable. Ooof.

And a warm welcome to @olafant and @zori! I'm so glad I'm not the only plushie in the Fediverse 😊

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Kalimera! Ich werde Horst genannt, neben mir sitzt Mugin, und um uns rum ein Teil unserer großen Rabenkolonie.
Unser Senior Olafant lässt uns hier mitkrächzen.

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Hallo, ich bin der Olafant!
Ich begleite meinen Menschen schon seit seiner Geburt, das ist schon ’ne Weile.
Freue mich, hier mittröten zu dürfen!

The humans are sitting on the balcony reading and I'm with them! This is such a nice activity. I'll tell them they should do this more often. Maybe I can even rope Gina into reading something for me?

And a very warm welcome to @GwenAndFriends! More sheep and other friends on this instance, yay! Gina seems quite happy that her idea to create a Mastodon instance for me and other plushies like me seems to "have hit a nerve", whatever that means 😊

Woah, long time no see... Gina has been really busy and I've taken the opportunity for some extended naps. With all the sleeping going on I totally forgot to introduce the newest member of - @cthulhu! Has some amazing eyes, but I hear that's an Elder God? 😶 I sure hope they're nice regardless, looks like it so far 😊

Gina has taken me along to her best friend today, and we are going to "binge watch Stranger Things", whatever that means. It apparently involves popcorn, so I already like it!

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